Classic line:

The basic techniques of textile production are employed to reconstructing the used jeans, cutting them into strips, then weaving them into a new piece of fabric. The new material is recreated into new garment, which will be cut according to a defined pattern, before being sewn. By using this technique, Vy does not need any chemical products and water to recycle these jeans, but it’s a time consuming and patient work.

Why don’t we give a second life to the worn gaments?
By questioning and realizing that our ressources are not unlimited to all our appeties.
A line of reinvention, modification and combination of vintage garments is created to reduce the unnecessary waste and produce sophisticated,  high street-wear garments for fashion within fashion.

Unique line:

Season line:

The overstocks materials and end of the series fabrics are not only reused and modified to combine with jeans in Denim-Art collection, also to create a capsule collection with limited pieces.

This collection is inspired by the downtown view.
Close your eyes, what can you see from your window, from the sidewalk?

Me, I see the different heights of skyscapers in distinguished forms and shadows.

Can you see it in my collection?